Wednesday, 3 June 2009

fertile egg and other things

GUESS WHAT!! We got an egg to pip! ( crack ) but unfortunately it died ) :
so we cracked it open and it was really cool because you could see its feet and head and wings! We have only had one egg pip but we don't think any others will pip unfortunately. I would of put a picture of it on the post but we forgot and put the egg and embryo in the bin sorry. But since it was our first go at hatching eggs we were pleased we got one to pip. Here is a picture of a box that I made into a chicken town! There is a 5 star chicken hotel a beauty salon for chickens, a chicks box to store them in while you go away and a chicken dance floor! Bye for now


Monday, 1 June 2009

The pigs

Hello, again it's smudge and hodgepodge!! We have been having the best time ever this summer!! We have been doing loads, firstly Mum now gets out the hose and waters are pen and we get to drink out of the hose and play with it and Daddy extended are pig run!! Smudge: I have mostly been escaping this week and last week! Me and hodgepodge escaped on Sunday it was so much 
fun!! We were out for quite a while we ate grass and trotted about, it was hilarious because some people stopped there big mechanical fast pigs! ( Cars )
We had LOADS of fun!! Anyway i have to go because Hodgepodge is saying " ooh it's my go! ) Bye bye Smudge.
Hodgepodge: Hello, when daddy extended the pig run we were put next to the chickens, they don't half make a racket when you shove your nose through the fence when they are standing next to it!! It's quite funny to watch! It's really weird because my Mum goes on this big thing that's black with blue round the edge and when they go on it they are like pogo sticks, and they bounce backwards and forward it's really amazing to watch. Does any of your parents do that?? anway got to go because the humans are saying they can smell something pig like!
RUN smudge RUN!!