Thursday, 20 November 2008

types of dogs

   There are a lot of types of dogs now since they have mixed types together
here are a lists of types of dogs some of them are really funny!

cockapoo=     cocker spaniel and minicher poodle 
this is a silkypoo
Bogle=            Boxer and Beagle

Silky poo =      silky terrier and poodle

puggle =          pug and beagle

people mostly breed
 poodles together because poodles are very popular.
this is a cockapoo

this is a puggle

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

what type of dog

What type of dog??? Some people find that very tricky to decide, the thing you need to think about is if you want a big or a small dog. Small dogs can be more aggressive and big dogs can be very strong and difficult to walk on a lead.  If you have a child who wants to walk the dog than I suggest you get a small one. The biggest type of dog is an Irish wolfhound  are very tricky to look after but REALLY sweet!! I would love one; and the smallest is a chihuahua. you quite often see them in  peoples handbags!! quite a lot of rich people have them

bye for now hightown.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Charlie's ways to train your humans

ways to stop your humans making you do stuff you don't want to do 
  • jump up at them 
  • bite them on the arm
  • bark at them
  • look at them as sweetly as possible
  • whine 
  • lick them all over the face
I thought the best way was to jump up at them and bite them,
but if your a very small dog look at them sweetly and whine.
Sometimes you humans will have a place where they store all the food and treats if they do then when your hungry you stand by the treats and whine as if your REALLY hungry it works unless you have bright humans. I have bright humans but there not as bright as me!!!. If you do have stupid humans then post a comment and i will wright how to cure them from there dumbness. And if your humans are getting tiresome just take them for a really long walk and run really fast on the lead so they get tired out.   

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Buff Orpingtons view of things

Hi our names are Henna and Lola and we of course are Buffs 
(Buff Orpingtons)and we are really skinny!!!. We have two other chickens who are in the same bit of the garden as us and are  called Snape and Hermione (after Harry Potter) who are REALLY bossy and we always get second dips of corn and spaghetti. This is a picture of us and the other chickens that are called Lomans. Our best friend is Ben the guinea pig who has gone inside for the winter. Our mum is nice because she always comes to give us food and give us a cuddle. Charlie once came in and ate all of our food!!! We were REALLY cross!!. We have a really big bit of the garden to play in one part has a lot of grass in and the other bit has a lot of worms and mud for mud baths. The other chickens are no where near as grand as us!! But they are the boss and we do have to obey them,even though we are loads bigger than them!!!!!!!!! anyway the other chickens say we have got to get worms for them so they don't get muddy feet so Bye love Henna & Lola.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Ben's view of things

Hi this is Ben here as you should know I am a guinea pig a VERY handsome guinea pig I am 4 years old and i used to have a brother,Bob but he died sadly of mites which  I was VERY sad about. Anyway i am going to start talking about fabulous me!!.
I only have 1 girlfriend (I am hoping to have 2!!!) who is called Foil. Foil is a Rex a very beautiful Rex.I live in 2 different places, one of them is in my cage (that mum spent 20 pounds on)that's very cosy and I have a cage outside that's meant to be for rabbits but I go in it.Sometimes the big thing that's called a og or maybe its dog I am not sure but it makes a horrible noise at me it's really loud!!! I tell him off but he just looks at me strangely. Anyway I have got to go so
BYE from fabulous Ben  

Monday, 3 November 2008

Charlie's view of things

Hi, my name is Charlie and my alien parents are apparently
called Hightown because they said in their normal weird blabber to not write their real names. But anyway, there are loads of  ways to train your parents, one of them is biting them when they do things that they're not allowed to do such as running around (you must not allow that in your house)and doing handstands. It's easy to train them not to run around because sometimes the oldest alien will help to train the young aliens,   but trying to train them to not do handstands is sometimes really tricky.I take them out for walks,sometimes you have to give them a run by chasing after a rabbit or a deer, they start making a gargling noise when you do something like saying hello by jumping up at them, how weird is that!!!!!!!!! anyway hope the tips on training your aliens are going to help you. Bye from Charlie.