Wednesday, 3 June 2009

fertile egg and other things

GUESS WHAT!! We got an egg to pip! ( crack ) but unfortunately it died ) :
so we cracked it open and it was really cool because you could see its feet and head and wings! We have only had one egg pip but we don't think any others will pip unfortunately. I would of put a picture of it on the post but we forgot and put the egg and embryo in the bin sorry. But since it was our first go at hatching eggs we were pleased we got one to pip. Here is a picture of a box that I made into a chicken town! There is a 5 star chicken hotel a beauty salon for chickens, a chicks box to store them in while you go away and a chicken dance floor! Bye for now


Monday, 1 June 2009

The pigs

Hello, again it's smudge and hodgepodge!! We have been having the best time ever this summer!! We have been doing loads, firstly Mum now gets out the hose and waters are pen and we get to drink out of the hose and play with it and Daddy extended are pig run!! Smudge: I have mostly been escaping this week and last week! Me and hodgepodge escaped on Sunday it was so much 
fun!! We were out for quite a while we ate grass and trotted about, it was hilarious because some people stopped there big mechanical fast pigs! ( Cars )
We had LOADS of fun!! Anyway i have to go because Hodgepodge is saying " ooh it's my go! ) Bye bye Smudge.
Hodgepodge: Hello, when daddy extended the pig run we were put next to the chickens, they don't half make a racket when you shove your nose through the fence when they are standing next to it!! It's quite funny to watch! It's really weird because my Mum goes on this big thing that's black with blue round the edge and when they go on it they are like pogo sticks, and they bounce backwards and forward it's really amazing to watch. Does any of your parents do that?? anway got to go because the humans are saying they can smell something pig like!
RUN smudge RUN!!


Thursday, 14 May 2009


Hello there, Sorry i haven't written in for ages i have been rather busy. 
Firstly i have just been moved into a new hutch were what they move about 
so that i can get more grass, and it's GREAT!! In the morning now i can hop out of my cosy bed and eat some fresh grass, and then my Mum will come out and give me carrot or lettuce and some guinea pig food. The really annoying thing when i am outside is Charlie always lays outside the pen watching me and wagging his tail! He is such a silly creature!! Anyway i feel ssssssoooo important in this 5 star house. And my mother quite often picks me up and sits down and feeds me dandelions! Oh and for all you guinea pigs i would tell your owner that dandelions are REALLY scrumptious, and please do give me some. The best way is to go to a patch and eat them very happily and then when they are finished started weeping for more. Oh and the picture above is me saying hello to Charlie, It was rather annoying because when i said hello he cocked his head and then he Gave me a quick nudge, it was very impolite anyway mother is telling me to come off now, so bye bye 

from The best guinea pig in the world 

Monday, 11 May 2009


Hello there I have some exiting news for you,
on Saturday me my sister and my mum went to a

 local poultry show and we brought some fertilized eggs! We thought it would be a good idea because we thought that maybe Lola ( the

 broody hen ) would be satisfied if she hatched some eggs. I brought 6 black orpingtons and mum and my sister brought 
6 welsummers and 6 Mar
ans. Here is a
 picture of the types of chickens  The top one is a black orpington and the one on the right is a maran and the one below is a wellsummer. Please comment and say which one is your favourite. Of course it we dont know even if any of them will hatch, I am just hoping it turns out OK Hope you enjoy this post,

Hightown ( :

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Charlie's news

Woof, hello again!! Sorry that i haven't wrote for absolutely ages. Today on my walk
we ( well more like I ) Did the usual thing, dive into loads of hedges, but today something really fun happened i found a rabbit!! The rabbit was very ill ) : 
but i had great fun jumping around it and playing with it, even though it didn't move ) :
it only did a bit of shuffling. Has any of you dogs noticed how slow and lazy humans are? They are REALLY REALLY lazy, and if you go a bit to far they just whistle you back because they are to lazy to come and find you! So i just go into a far hedge and ignore them ( it can be really funny to watch them when you go away, they look so silly!! I saw my best friend Luigi, we played fighting and then after a bit we go to sleep
but this time we ripped up loads of toys and stuff! Mummy got a bit cross thought ) :
but it was great fun so it doesn't really matter. If your pack leader is really annoying you just say because I will give you some tips. Oh and by the way, is your mum REALLY
spoilt? Mine is because they always get loads of really yummy food, and they get funny coloured water! You know the pigs, smudge and hodgepodge they get white coloured water and loads of green food. it just isn't fair. So i am going to go off in a huff now.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I have been having a lot of trouble with Lola ( one of my buff orpingtons). It all started about 4 weeks ago when she started to lay on her eggs, but first i thought she was just being a bit silly and just wanting to keep dry but she wouldn't get off them and stopped eating and drinking. I started to get really worried because we would lift her out of her egg box but she would come out for about 1 minute and then wander back in. She was a lot skinnier than Henna ( the other buff) but when we got her out of the nesting box she would fluff herself up and lay there for ages. If you ever have a hen like this all you have to do is shut her out of the egg box and soon she should stop. Hope this is useful for the chicken keepers,


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

more pictures

Here are some more pictures:
The pigs ( hodgepodge and raisin ),  the buffs, Ben, Charlie when he was young.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Stuff about pigs

There are quite a lot of different type of pigs such as the Saddleback, the ridgeback and
 Oxford sandy and blacks
 Ben talking;
And Guinea pigs, that are of course the best type of pigs!               Saddleback pigs   
Hattie talking; Yes just like Ben to say that! Anyway were was I? Oh yes Pigs
are lovely animals and they love attention and they like to be warm and cosy. 
We suggest on making a small shelter made out of straw with a tarpaulin to keep them dry. Pigs can be a bit naughty on the first couple of days trying to escape all the time, and you always have to keep the electric fence on because they always test to see if its on. Pigs never jump but they do go under so make sure the electric fence is very low down. hope you like the post


Monday, 9 February 2009


I got a new pig, Smudge. We decided that we would get another pig for Hodgepodge since Raisin died. So we decided to get Smudge. Smudge is really sweet and Hodgepodge and her get on really well. They love to nock over the buckets of water and food! As soon as I put the food down and warm milk they go MAD!! They are both really good friends, when we first got Smudge Hodgepodge gave an anxious oink and then wandered over,
gave an exited oink and... nudged Smudge on the shoulder and Hodgepodge showed Smudge the best places to sleep. Hope you like the pigs,


Friday, 6 February 2009

The Pigs view of things

( Raisin talking)
Hello, are names are Hodgepodge and Raisin, we are Oxford Sandy & Blacks.
This is a picture of me, Raisin with hodgepodge eating next to me ( she is quite greedy!) Hodgepodge talking)
Hello I am Hodgepodge, Oh Raisin apparently has already said that sorry about that. Anyway I am Not AT ALL GREEDY if that's what Raisin said! I am quite worried about Raisin she doesn't seem to be eating much...  (Raisin)
I don't think I am very well I am never hungry.. ( Hodgepodge) Boo hoo hoo
I am really sad Raisin has just died, Well I suppose I will get to see another of my sisters soon, anyway I get all the food and get to do all the talking. 
All of those pigs out there I just found out that it's really nice if you find a think branch and chew on it. Really got to go

Hodgepodge & Dead Raisin boo hoo hoo

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Answers to your comments

Thank you for commenting about the Bantams here are some answers:
We decided what to call the rooster, we called him Kensuke because that is a Japanese name. 
Yes I have read and listened to some Michael morpurgo books to. We took your advice and have called him Kensuke, Thank you very much for suggesting Kensuke.
We were very tempted by Artichoke! But we then thought maybe a Japanese 
name would be better.
Thanks! We think our bantams are beautiful to! I really liked the fun facts on Falabella's . Thank you for suggesting some names. We now have Kensuke, 
Akane and Akemi Thanks!


The Pigs

We got some Pigs on Sunday; Hodgepodge and Raisin, Raisin was mine
and Hodgepodge was my sisters. Sadly on the second day Raisin died of 
Meningitis. Meningitis is were they kick around madly trying to get up, it was really horrible to look at. So now we only have hodgepodge. But my mum said that we could get another one in 20 days ( it has to be 20 days if they died of a disease ) . Hodgepodge seems OK about Raisin disappearing though. Hodgepodge and Raisin are Oxford Sandy and Blacks, that are very good starters pigs.  


Friday, 9 January 2009

More Chickens

We have some more Chickens, Japanese Bantams. Japanese Bantams are especially small. We got three, two hens and a rooster who is very happy and doesn't attack the Hens or cockadoodaloo early in the morning!(like they usually do). There names are Natchu,Tingtong are the Hens,but we don't know what to call the rooster. Please comment and say what you think the rooster should be called ( we would prefer a Japanese name if possible).