Thursday, 14 May 2009


Hello there, Sorry i haven't written in for ages i have been rather busy. 
Firstly i have just been moved into a new hutch were what they move about 
so that i can get more grass, and it's GREAT!! In the morning now i can hop out of my cosy bed and eat some fresh grass, and then my Mum will come out and give me carrot or lettuce and some guinea pig food. The really annoying thing when i am outside is Charlie always lays outside the pen watching me and wagging his tail! He is such a silly creature!! Anyway i feel ssssssoooo important in this 5 star house. And my mother quite often picks me up and sits down and feeds me dandelions! Oh and for all you guinea pigs i would tell your owner that dandelions are REALLY scrumptious, and please do give me some. The best way is to go to a patch and eat them very happily and then when they are finished started weeping for more. Oh and the picture above is me saying hello to Charlie, It was rather annoying because when i said hello he cocked his head and then he Gave me a quick nudge, it was very impolite anyway mother is telling me to come off now, so bye bye 

from The best guinea pig in the world 

Monday, 11 May 2009


Hello there I have some exiting news for you,
on Saturday me my sister and my mum went to a

 local poultry show and we brought some fertilized eggs! We thought it would be a good idea because we thought that maybe Lola ( the

 broody hen ) would be satisfied if she hatched some eggs. I brought 6 black orpingtons and mum and my sister brought 
6 welsummers and 6 Mar
ans. Here is a
 picture of the types of chickens  The top one is a black orpington and the one on the right is a maran and the one below is a wellsummer. Please comment and say which one is your favourite. Of course it we dont know even if any of them will hatch, I am just hoping it turns out OK Hope you enjoy this post,

Hightown ( :

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Charlie's news

Woof, hello again!! Sorry that i haven't wrote for absolutely ages. Today on my walk
we ( well more like I ) Did the usual thing, dive into loads of hedges, but today something really fun happened i found a rabbit!! The rabbit was very ill ) : 
but i had great fun jumping around it and playing with it, even though it didn't move ) :
it only did a bit of shuffling. Has any of you dogs noticed how slow and lazy humans are? They are REALLY REALLY lazy, and if you go a bit to far they just whistle you back because they are to lazy to come and find you! So i just go into a far hedge and ignore them ( it can be really funny to watch them when you go away, they look so silly!! I saw my best friend Luigi, we played fighting and then after a bit we go to sleep
but this time we ripped up loads of toys and stuff! Mummy got a bit cross thought ) :
but it was great fun so it doesn't really matter. If your pack leader is really annoying you just say because I will give you some tips. Oh and by the way, is your mum REALLY
spoilt? Mine is because they always get loads of really yummy food, and they get funny coloured water! You know the pigs, smudge and hodgepodge they get white coloured water and loads of green food. it just isn't fair. So i am going to go off in a huff now.