Thursday, 25 March 2010

gorgeous George

Hello again, i am first going to talk about one of my chickens, Gorgeous George. As you have seen in the picture of him, he's... well to be honest pretty full of himself! He always acts as if he's perfectly in control and he knows what he's doing, even when Mini is having hysterics! He just s..l..o..w..l..y wonders over acting as if nothings going badly when actually Mini's making a racket in the hen house!! I have a funny feeling that he thinks i am a chicken, because when i open the door of there hen house he
thinks i have just come out of the hen house and gets behind me and hurries me along! George also likes a lot of hens and he has been mating with: both jubilee's all of his girls and Henna & Lola! Wow thats a lot of hens, he's one
busy chicken.But hopefully we may get some chicks in the summer so fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

pictures of new and old animals

Hello again! here are some
pictures of my chickens, here
is pebble ( the grey small Cochin ) and George
( the clearly gorgeous one! ) and Ken ( the other
rooster ) I am sorry i haven't got any pictures of Mini or the Twins, i will try and take some photo's of them soon. Bye for now, Hightown xx

Monday, 22 March 2010


Hello again, i have sad and happy news to tell you, the bad news is Kensuke's girls have unfortunately died ) : in the process of hatching eggs, they had gone off to lay eggs and hatch them but a fox got them both ) ; but the good news is we have got new chickens!! We have a new
cockerel called George who is a Buff Sussex and his nickname is Gorgeous George! And he came with 3 other hens, Mini the Minx, and the twins. and we also have a adorable Cochin Pebble, she's Kens best friend
and Ken's taken a liking to Pebble, we may have some chicks, if we can find an incubator. George has been mating with his girls, Henna, Lola
and the other 2 hen Henrietta and Nancy the two Jubilee Orpingtons!!
I will soon do a post of pictures of the new chickens. Ben's still alive surprisingly because he is 6 years old now!! Charlie's Still adorable
but he's rather naughty at the moment!! He has been running off on walks! Goodbye

Hightown xx