Monday, 21 March 2011


HELOOOO everybody!!!! Its Charlie! How are you all? I have had a great time lately even if i have been a tiny bit naughty and my owner is quite cross with me - she didn't even give me my breakfast just because i ran away i mean how mean can you get? I went on this amazing walk and i saw hares and rabbits and deers and all sorts. Yesterday i had a special treat - cheese - i absolutely love cheese it is by a long way the best food ever! Anyway it was put in my dinner mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum! Anyway my owners calling got to go, by for now!


Hello - its Ben's owner. There is some very very sad news Ben died very sadly of old age yesterday. He was the best Guinea- pig in the whole wide world and i will miss him very much. I was playing on the trampoline and i saw charlie with ben inbertween his two front paws and i just thought hmm ben wouldnt normally let Charlie do that and when i went over to look Charlie was sniffing Ben and that was when i realised Ben had died. I am really sad but he had a very good life and i loved him very much and i also think charlie and the other animals did too. Thank - you Ben for being such an amazing guinea- pig and making me a very happy girl.