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Hello here are the replies to your comments:
Unfortunately we couldn't but the chickens in the town - the town was too small - Even for Kensuke! Thank - you for commenting so much on my posts - its really encouraging ( :

Thank- you soooooooooo much for all of your commenting - i love reading all your comments - you are all so supporting and i am sorry if i didn't post for ages... But i will post more often now definitely!!! ( :

We decided what to call the rooster, we called him Kensuke because that is a Japanese name. 
Yes I have read and listened to some Michael morpurgo books to. We took your advice and have called him Kensuke, Thank you very much for suggesting Kensuke.
We were very tempted by Artichoke! But we then thought maybe a Japanese 
name would be better.
Thanks! We think our bantams are beautiful to! I really liked the fun facts on Falabella's . Thank you for suggesting some names. We now have Kensuke, 
Akane and Akemi Thanks!


Thank-you for commenting on my blog blog so often, i really appreciate  it.

no, i think your a great follower, thanks a alot!

Hello, yes i did take the photo's by myself, i have a funny feeling
they liked me taking pictures of them!!

Thanks ever so much for all of your comments, i love getting them and
reading them, thank you also for suggesting stuff for my blog
thanks a lot