Wednesday, 22 October 2008

some pictures

This is a picture of Charlie with his collar on he kept on bashing into
 doorways because he didn't know how big his head was!!!!!! Underneath is a picture of charlie with a towel on his back I called him the dog with golden shining armour! and a very close up picture of charlie! And here is a picture of Ben saying: " don't you dare start peeking in my cage"!!


Monday, 20 October 2008

Our dog

Our dog is called Charlie and he is 1 year old,his birthday was on the 9th of October. Here is a picture of him giving our local postman high five!!! I think
he looks like he is smiling!. Charlie has a best friend called Luigi who is really sweet, Luigi is a Coton De Tulear. Charlie sees his brother and dad every week at the riding stables. Charlie isn't a pure breed border collie we think he has a bit of Labrador.He has got one Rosette for agility, we were really proud of him!,he came 5th.
The good thing about Charlie is that he doesn't annoy the chickens or Ben.

Ben, my guinea pig

My guinea pig is called Ben he is white with a Browny black bit over his eyes 
and cheek. He used to be able to run around the whole garden but then mum had 
to get rat poison because of the rats.We bring him in for the winter in his cage, but 
he will need a bigger cage soon. This is a picture of Ben sitting on my lap.Ben used to have a brother Bob but sadly Bob died with mites, he got really skinny and got bumps all over his back that he kept on scratching.but 
Ben likes talking to are chickens for company.
Ben was brought from Cockfield but i cant remember the name of the shop.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

about my Buff Orpingtons

My buff orpingtons are called Henna and Lola they were  £15.00  each
I brought them from Great Whelnetham where there were loads of other chickens. 
This is a picture of  Henna & Lola. 
We have two other chickens, Snape and Hermione from Harry Potter! They are Lomans and they are really bossy over the buffs  even though the buffs are loads bigger!