Monday, 20 October 2008

Our dog

Our dog is called Charlie and he is 1 year old,his birthday was on the 9th of October. Here is a picture of him giving our local postman high five!!! I think
he looks like he is smiling!. Charlie has a best friend called Luigi who is really sweet, Luigi is a Coton De Tulear. Charlie sees his brother and dad every week at the riding stables. Charlie isn't a pure breed border collie we think he has a bit of Labrador.He has got one Rosette for agility, we were really proud of him!,he came 5th.
The good thing about Charlie is that he doesn't annoy the chickens or Ben.


♥κäΨ↑å♥ said...

Such a cute dog! I have a dog named Yoohoo!

Leperdy said...

I thingc he is cute. I hav a dog namnd you hoo.

Egg said...

We have met another dog called Charlie today so now Luigi has two friends called Charlie.
See you soon.