Thursday, 7 May 2009

Charlie's news

Woof, hello again!! Sorry that i haven't wrote for absolutely ages. Today on my walk
we ( well more like I ) Did the usual thing, dive into loads of hedges, but today something really fun happened i found a rabbit!! The rabbit was very ill ) : 
but i had great fun jumping around it and playing with it, even though it didn't move ) :
it only did a bit of shuffling. Has any of you dogs noticed how slow and lazy humans are? They are REALLY REALLY lazy, and if you go a bit to far they just whistle you back because they are to lazy to come and find you! So i just go into a far hedge and ignore them ( it can be really funny to watch them when you go away, they look so silly!! I saw my best friend Luigi, we played fighting and then after a bit we go to sleep
but this time we ripped up loads of toys and stuff! Mummy got a bit cross thought ) :
but it was great fun so it doesn't really matter. If your pack leader is really annoying you just say because I will give you some tips. Oh and by the way, is your mum REALLY
spoilt? Mine is because they always get loads of really yummy food, and they get funny coloured water! You know the pigs, smudge and hodgepodge they get white coloured water and loads of green food. it just isn't fair. So i am going to go off in a huff now.

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Egg said...

dear Charlie
well done for catching a rabbit but I can catch rabbits that are not ill its very fun see you soon