Monday, 22 March 2010


Hello again, i have sad and happy news to tell you, the bad news is Kensuke's girls have unfortunately died ) : in the process of hatching eggs, they had gone off to lay eggs and hatch them but a fox got them both ) ; but the good news is we have got new chickens!! We have a new
cockerel called George who is a Buff Sussex and his nickname is Gorgeous George! And he came with 3 other hens, Mini the Minx, and the twins. and we also have a adorable Cochin Pebble, she's Kens best friend
and Ken's taken a liking to Pebble, we may have some chicks, if we can find an incubator. George has been mating with his girls, Henna, Lola
and the other 2 hen Henrietta and Nancy the two Jubilee Orpingtons!!
I will soon do a post of pictures of the new chickens. Ben's still alive surprisingly because he is 6 years old now!! Charlie's Still adorable
but he's rather naughty at the moment!! He has been running off on walks! Goodbye

Hightown xx

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Scott said...

Sorry about the loss of your two chickies. I know what it feels like when a pet chicken dies. Richard, my female Japanese White Silkie Bantam, disappeared one night. She was taken by either a hawk, owl, or a dog. Sorry about your chickens. it must have been really sad.