Friday, 24 August 2012

Back to the keyboard!

Hello Everyone!!!!
I am extremely sorry I haven't written my blog for ages - I have been very busy...........Many, many things have happened recently to do with the animals, three new chickens and some very sad deaths :( I stopped writing this blog when my two, gorgeous Buff Orpingtons died. They got killed by a fox when I forgot to shut the chickens in and were never to be seen again. To celebrate there lives I produced a little speech: 

Henna and Lola
I had Henna and Lola scince I was about 9. They were sisters when we got them and very tiny and scrawny. They loved pecking our toes and sitting on us. I could always tell them apart - Lola was the looney one and was completely mad (!) and Henna was the bustling chicken who would have made an incredible mother. Both laid beautiful eggs and were very friendly and loving, they were like no others. I will miss you strong personalities and the happiness you gave me. RIP I will miss and remember you Forever xxx

Mum agreed that as my chickens who I loved dearly had gone, she would buy me some guinea pigs :) They are adorable! One has spikey hair and is called Woodstock ( after the comic snoopy ) and one has black and brown smooth, sleek hair and he is called Neal ( My sister named him!!!) They are both beautiful boys and I love them very much! 

Well I have decided I will keep on posting, so please leave comments and follow!!!!!

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