Wednesday, 3 December 2008

answering questions

Hello i am here to answer your questions. 

My girlfriend is a guinea pig and she is a rex called Foil
but she sadly doesn't live with me I am all by myself because bob ( my brother) died boo hoo hoo.
Henna & Lola
Thank you ever so much we would enjoy eating are worms but as soon as we catch a worm the next thing you know is that Snape and Hermione are running around with YOUR worm in there mouth! how disgraceful is that!

Hello! thanks Egg I will next do some more ways to train your humans,they are VERY VERY tricky to train my humans are getting worse and worse they are even telling me THE BOSS what to do! they are very naughty!

Hello, thank you I think Charlie is sweet to, if you were to tell Charlie that I bet he would boast to all his friends, knowing him! What type of dog is Yoohoo? We think charlie is mostly a border collie but probably has a bit of Labrador and spaniel. Is the other dog called charlie a Border Collie? 


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