Thursday, 18 December 2008

Charlie's friend

Hello, yesterday we took Charlie to see his best friend Luigi.Luigi is Charlie's best friend its funny because Charlie is really big and Luigi is tiny! Here is a picture of Luigi and Charlie together, don't they look sweet! Luigi has had a haircut a bit ago and he looks completely different. Usually Charlie sees Luigi every week. Charlie has a few other friends such as his brother, Junior and Billy and some spaniels on his walk but his best friend is Luigi . When we go horse riding he sees Billy and Junior and his Dad. Charlie is really scared of his Dad and wont go anywhere near Freddie (his Dad) if  he starts playing too roughly with Junior, Freddie will bite him and split them away from each other. Bye for now Hightown
Here is a link to Luigi's blog


M-line said...

Thats so cool and the dogs are so cute.

M-line said...

Those dogs are so cute.