Saturday, 30 April 2011

the latest doggy update

woof woof, Hello how are you all?? i am REALLY good thanks! i have been playing outside in the garden with my owner and we have been playing some football..... i think i could personally be in the England team!! My best friend Luigi has now got a companion dog called Nero you will have to check out his blog -
i think he is quite nice but he does spend his whole time licking humans! Luigi really isn't that keen on him - but i suppose he would be quite annoying to live with but he is a puppy you must be patient with him!!! I had this amazing walk the other day with my family and at the end my owner accidentally dropped some of her ice - cream - yummy yum yum!!!!! My favourite thing to eat is still Cheese though. I have also taken to ham but i only get ham as a treat!! this is a picture of my new friend Nero and a very irritated Luigi!!! that's all for now doggy friends but i will speak to you soon, woof woof!!!!!!!! ( ;

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