Saturday, 30 April 2011

about Charlie and the chickens.

hello everybody!!!! Well i am going to start with Charlie. Anyway Charlie has just done a post and it says about him playing football with me well his version of playing football is i kick the ball he leaps up and catches it and then he will never give the ball back and he just holds on to it trying to rip it apart and that's what he calls football! One of the funnest games to play is piggy in the middle with Charlie and Charlie is the piggy and me and dad throw it to each other while he leaps up to get it - he is really quite good at it!! All the chickens are good and we are now into the mating season....... we have two broody hens ( broody means they start to lay on eggs for 21 days hoping they will hatch ) but the unfortunate thing is we think George ( one of our cockerels ) is unfertile. But we will find out if that is true when the hens have layed on the eggs for 21 days. Are chickens are all really stupid because we have to take them off their eggs because otherwise they dont get off their eggs and therefor will starve to death!!!! You would think they would realise when they got hungry they had to quickly come off there eggs and get a bite to eat! Broody hens are allowed off their eggs for up to 20 minutes so its not like they have no time!! This is a bit off the subject but my friend has just started a blog called and its all about the pets she has got and the pets she would like - its a lovely blog and it would be really nice if you could check it out and maybe leave a comment about one of her posts. Well i have to go now but i will post soon!! Bye!!!!

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