Friday, 9 January 2009

More Chickens

We have some more Chickens, Japanese Bantams. Japanese Bantams are especially small. We got three, two hens and a rooster who is very happy and doesn't attack the Hens or cockadoodaloo early in the morning!(like they usually do). There names are Natchu,Tingtong are the Hens,but we don't know what to call the rooster. Please comment and say what you think the rooster should be called ( we would prefer a Japanese name if possible). 


Vienna said...

Hey good luck naming your rooster

Patricia said...

I'm reading a brilliant book by Michael Morpurgo at the moment. It is called Kensuke's Kingdom. Kensuke is a Japanese man. Why not call the rooster Kensuke, then you can read the book and tell him the story of his namesake.

Patricia said...

Oh, Hightown, I've just been reading about Michael Morpurgo. (I had to Google him to make sure I spelled his name correctly for my previous comment).
He wrote this about himself:
"Sadly our old dog Bercelet died last year so all we have are four bantams, three hens and a cockerel called George who loves to scratch up the flowers in the garden."
I got that quote from
Just thought you would be interested in that snippet of information.

Lostcheerio said...

I think a rooster deserves a really epic and grand name like Ulysses or Sinbad or maybe... Artichoke?

Kym said...

They are beautiful! We have some names and what they mean so here they are... Akane (deep red) and Akemi (bright and beautiful).
I hope you like them! My sis and I love animals too!
Come see us and our animal pals at
Your Animal Pals,
@raya and Avery

Dana said...

I really liked the pigs!