Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Pigs

We got some Pigs on Sunday; Hodgepodge and Raisin, Raisin was mine
and Hodgepodge was my sisters. Sadly on the second day Raisin died of 
Meningitis. Meningitis is were they kick around madly trying to get up, it was really horrible to look at. So now we only have hodgepodge. But my mum said that we could get another one in 20 days ( it has to be 20 days if they died of a disease ) . Hodgepodge seems OK about Raisin disappearing though. Hodgepodge and Raisin are Oxford Sandy and Blacks, that are very good starters pigs.  



Patricia said...

Ooh, sorry about Raisin. That pig looks very cute.

ETV said...

The pics are really cool and I wish I had soem. I will eb over to see tehm before they get too big.