Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Ben's view of things

Hi this is Ben here as you should know I am a guinea pig a VERY handsome guinea pig I am 4 years old and i used to have a brother,Bob but he died sadly of mites which  I was VERY sad about. Anyway i am going to start talking about fabulous me!!.
I only have 1 girlfriend (I am hoping to have 2!!!) who is called Foil. Foil is a Rex a very beautiful Rex.I live in 2 different places, one of them is in my cage (that mum spent 20 pounds on)that's very cosy and I have a cage outside that's meant to be for rabbits but I go in it.Sometimes the big thing that's called a og or maybe its dog I am not sure but it makes a horrible noise at me it's really loud!!! I tell him off but he just looks at me strangely. Anyway I have got to go so
BYE from fabulous Ben  


onk said...

This made me laugh but Ben liked our ginea pigs better when he came to stay with us.

Patricia said...

Hi Ben,
I'm sorry your brother died. Is your girlfriend a guinea pig too? Does she live with you? I have read that guinea pigs like to live with other guinea pigs or they get lonely.
I just love the way you talk.

Vienna said...

Sorry to hear about your brother good luck with your girlfriend