Thursday, 6 November 2008

Buff Orpingtons view of things

Hi our names are Henna and Lola and we of course are Buffs 
(Buff Orpingtons)and we are really skinny!!!. We have two other chickens who are in the same bit of the garden as us and are  called Snape and Hermione (after Harry Potter) who are REALLY bossy and we always get second dips of corn and spaghetti. This is a picture of us and the other chickens that are called Lomans. Our best friend is Ben the guinea pig who has gone inside for the winter. Our mum is nice because she always comes to give us food and give us a cuddle. Charlie once came in and ate all of our food!!! We were REALLY cross!!. We have a really big bit of the garden to play in one part has a lot of grass in and the other bit has a lot of worms and mud for mud baths. The other chickens are no where near as grand as us!! But they are the boss and we do have to obey them,even though we are loads bigger than them!!!!!!!!! anyway the other chickens say we have got to get worms for them so they don't get muddy feet so Bye love Henna & Lola.

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Alison said...

Have fun seeking worms :-)