Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Charlie's ways to train your humans

ways to stop your humans making you do stuff you don't want to do 
  • jump up at them 
  • bite them on the arm
  • bark at them
  • look at them as sweetly as possible
  • whine 
  • lick them all over the face
I thought the best way was to jump up at them and bite them,
but if your a very small dog look at them sweetly and whine.
Sometimes you humans will have a place where they store all the food and treats if they do then when your hungry you stand by the treats and whine as if your REALLY hungry it works unless you have bright humans. I have bright humans but there not as bright as me!!!. If you do have stupid humans then post a comment and i will wright how to cure them from there dumbness. And if your humans are getting tiresome just take them for a really long walk and run really fast on the lead so they get tired out.   


Patricia said...

Hi Charlie, Sorry I'm not a dog but I would love to know how you cure stupid humans of their dumbness!

Egg said...

hi its luigi! i think that you are right dogs like me do it best by crying thanks for the tip luigi

Vienna said...

OK I am not a dog but that is so funny great post my dog he is big but when he wants something he comes up to you and whines then if u don't help him he barks then he turns as if you are going to come with him HE NEVER GIVES UP so after a while he gets u to help him dogs can't live with em can't live with out em no offense to all u dogs out there!