Monday, 3 November 2008

Charlie's view of things

Hi, my name is Charlie and my alien parents are apparently
called Hightown because they said in their normal weird blabber to not write their real names. But anyway, there are loads of  ways to train your parents, one of them is biting them when they do things that they're not allowed to do such as running around (you must not allow that in your house)and doing handstands. It's easy to train them not to run around because sometimes the oldest alien will help to train the young aliens,   but trying to train them to not do handstands is sometimes really tricky.I take them out for walks,sometimes you have to give them a run by chasing after a rabbit or a deer, they start making a gargling noise when you do something like saying hello by jumping up at them, how weird is that!!!!!!!!! anyway hope the tips on training your aliens are going to help you. Bye from Charlie.


Egg said...

hi its luigi i have to say my humans dont do much when i bite have you more tips? thay are getting out of hand plz help me!

Egg said...

hi its me luigi the bite things dos not work for me so plz help my humans are getting out of hand luigi knowed as egg

Vienna said...

hey Ryker hear my alien gave u her blog address my aliens are good I never have to bite them but sometimes when they don't help me I do have to bark darn aliens!