Thursday, 5 February 2009

Answers to your comments

Thank you for commenting about the Bantams here are some answers:
We decided what to call the rooster, we called him Kensuke because that is a Japanese name. 
Yes I have read and listened to some Michael morpurgo books to. We took your advice and have called him Kensuke, Thank you very much for suggesting Kensuke.
We were very tempted by Artichoke! But we then thought maybe a Japanese 
name would be better.
Thanks! We think our bantams are beautiful to! I really liked the fun facts on Falabella's . Thank you for suggesting some names. We now have Kensuke, 
Akane and Akemi Thanks!



Vienna said...

oh that's a cool name.

Patricia said...

Whoopee! I'm glad you chose my suggestion.
I hope he comes when you call him now. :-)

Vienna said...

Yay you are writing again