Monday, 9 February 2009


I got a new pig, Smudge. We decided that we would get another pig for Hodgepodge since Raisin died. So we decided to get Smudge. Smudge is really sweet and Hodgepodge and her get on really well. They love to nock over the buckets of water and food! As soon as I put the food down and warm milk they go MAD!! They are both really good friends, when we first got Smudge Hodgepodge gave an anxious oink and then wandered over,
gave an exited oink and... nudged Smudge on the shoulder and Hodgepodge showed Smudge the best places to sleep. Hope you like the pigs,



Patricia said...

Oh, they both look so lovely!
You'll have to tell us if they start to talk, as in 'Charlotte's Web' or start to round up the hens, as in 'The Sheep Pig.' I know Babe didn't round up hens but I don't think you have sheep, do you?

Vienna said...

Oh she is so cute

Patricia said...

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Patricia said...

He he, I've just worked out how to do it so you can click on the widget on my page if you like. Much easier than pasting the URL.

Julie said...

Aw! They are so cute. Still think you should call them Sausage and Bacon though!!
Looking forward to meeting Smudge.

Vienna said...

Hello are you writing at all any more?

Lostcheerio said...

They're adorable! What gave you the idea to name your new one Smudge?

LimeGreen said...

Hodgepodge and Smudge look so cute eating together!

Egg said...

i have meet them and they are very cute! but do eat your shoes!