Monday, 23 February 2009

Stuff about pigs

There are quite a lot of different type of pigs such as the Saddleback, the ridgeback and
 Oxford sandy and blacks
 Ben talking;
And Guinea pigs, that are of course the best type of pigs!               Saddleback pigs   
Hattie talking; Yes just like Ben to say that! Anyway were was I? Oh yes Pigs
are lovely animals and they love attention and they like to be warm and cosy. 
We suggest on making a small shelter made out of straw with a tarpaulin to keep them dry. Pigs can be a bit naughty on the first couple of days trying to escape all the time, and you always have to keep the electric fence on because they always test to see if its on. Pigs never jump but they do go under so make sure the electric fence is very low down. hope you like the post


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Patricia said...

This is great advice for anyone wanting to keep pigs. I'm thinking of getting a goat. Do you have any advice on them?