Friday, 6 February 2009

The Pigs view of things

( Raisin talking)
Hello, are names are Hodgepodge and Raisin, we are Oxford Sandy & Blacks.
This is a picture of me, Raisin with hodgepodge eating next to me ( she is quite greedy!) Hodgepodge talking)
Hello I am Hodgepodge, Oh Raisin apparently has already said that sorry about that. Anyway I am Not AT ALL GREEDY if that's what Raisin said! I am quite worried about Raisin she doesn't seem to be eating much...  (Raisin)
I don't think I am very well I am never hungry.. ( Hodgepodge) Boo hoo hoo
I am really sad Raisin has just died, Well I suppose I will get to see another of my sisters soon, anyway I get all the food and get to do all the talking. 
All of those pigs out there I just found out that it's really nice if you find a think branch and chew on it. Really got to go

Hodgepodge & Dead Raisin boo hoo hoo


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